cheek bone surgeryCheek implants often called cheek augmentation is actually a kind of plastic surgery which is done to bring in contour and beauty to an aging face. Cheekbone plastic surgery is performed with a view to rectify the sagging cheeks and loss of volume that it caused by aging. It is also chosen as a means to enhance the facial grace by people who are not aging.

Cheekbone plastic surgery in Kenilworth is a highly reliable option for performing cheek augmentation in Chicago. It has improved the facial appearance of numerous patients who were unsatisfied with their aged look caused by the saggy cheek lines. The highly experienced plastic surgeons in Kenilworth are skilled enough to endow their patients with a beautiful and balanced look just as desired by them. Numerous patients unsatisfied with their cheekbone resort to Cheekbone plastic surgery Kenilworth with a view to restore or improve their cheek lines.

What to Expect After Surgery

It is true that cheekbone has a big role to play in defining the appearance of a human face. It also provides a nice balance to the facial structure and brings in attraction to the eyes. And the beauty on a face defined by nice cheek lines generally decline naturally as a part of the aging process. And to restore that beauty cheekbone plastic surgery comes handy. It reconstructs the cheekbone by means of adding up soft tissues and healthy fat that bring back once again the lost beauty of the face.

However aging is not the sole cause for choosing cheekbone augmentation; even those who are not aged but still unsatisfied with the built of their cheekbone also go for such surgeries to reshape their cheekbone according to their own sweet will. This brings in an all new and youthful impression on the facial structure. For this reason female patients are more likely to perform these surgeries compared to their male counterparts.

There are several surgical procedures that can be adopted for the purpose of cheek augmentation such as Suture meloplication (also called percutaneous cheek lifting), suture suspension, endoscopic cheek lift, SOOF lift, molar augmentation etc. All of the above procedures are least invasive in nature and yet quite helpful restoring the bowed cheek tissues on the cheekbone and thereby bringing back the youthful face lines. The folds in the cheek are softened, the bagging eyelids are removed and the tear trough also gets improved by virtue of cheek augmentation procedures.

Cheek augmentations are done by using different materials and the commonest of them being solid silicon. Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Medpor, is another popular material used for the purpose. In the process an incision is made on the upper mouth close to the gum line and implants are inserted into the place. Another process comprises making an external incision below the eye but it is not preferred by many as it leaves a visible scar as a result. The surgery is generally performed under full anesthesia and consumes more or less a couple of hours to complete. Recovery from such surgeries typically takes eight to ten days.