tummy tuckIt could be difficult to find anybody who doesn’t want to have fabulous abs and a tummy tuck without surgery is one way to obtain them. Attractive abs are not only appealing, but they also support a person’s self esteem. However, you might not have the belly that you want, whether it’s because of lifestyle, pregnancies, inherited genes or for any other reason. Age or even accelerated weight reduction can lead to free and flabby skin around the tummy area. This happens because the pores and skin are likely to have been extended through your lifestyle and have thus affected the skin’s elasticity with the result that the pores and skin do not return easily back to their original state.


A abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, involves an incision in your stomach to get rid of those excess pores, skin and body fat to create a flatter, firmer look. A question for many clients is about how to get the tummy tuck but minus the surgery. Any kind of treatment method that’s invasive can also be very expensive. Along with even a mini tummy tuck surgical treatment, you will find that the side effects can be unpleasant and recovery slow. Consequently, other alternatives should be evaluated that offer similar outcomes that may be effective.

OK, so exercise is not everyone’s favourite thing, but you really should be doing it anyway as the most effective way to look after your body is as simple as exercising. Indeed, it will take persistence and dedication, but the results are more than worthwhile. You can get a slimmer stomach with a decent cardio plan and a few muscle mass strength workouts. You can of course employ a trainer to help you stay focused and heading in the right direction even when you want to give up. You won’t just be more healthy and feel good, but also obtain a tummy tuck without having the surgery. The type of exercises you should be doing include lunges, aerobics, aerobics and yoga.

Along with exercise, you should supplement this with a healthy balanced diet based on regular meals. Go for fruit and veg as well as protein rich foods while avoiding junk food as it tends to have a higher than average sodium content that won’t help you slim your belly down. High protein foods will help the pores and skin cells regenerate creating the effect of a tummy tuck with out surgery.

Naturally, by far the biggest benefit of a non surgical tummy tuck is the lack of any recovery period. It would be rare to have to spend 24 hours recovering from any procedure as most allow you to have them in your lunch hour and return back to your normal routine straight away without any side effects. This is certainly not so with a mini or full abdominoplasty! Even liposuction leaves you sore and uncomfortable for days.

Although you should be on a healthy eating plan and exercising, there are also many improvements in technology that allow you to benefit from a tummy tuck without surgery.  These devices work with micro-current principles and are now produced widely for both professional and home use. To be fair, the reviews are not conclusive, so you must do your own research and make your own mind up as to their effectiveness of creating the effect of a tummy tuck without surgery.