tummy tuck recoveryBefore you decide on a mini tummy tuck to get your stomach in shape, you should be aware of what the mini tummy tuck recovery is like. To be frank, you certainly won’t be able to run a marathon immediately after your abdominoplasty! You will definitely need time to recover.

If you are undergoing abdominal surgery for a mini tummy tuck or a full surgery, the tummy tuck recovery period will be significant and should be planned for. Although there is no exact period that can be quoted as recovery will depend on the individual and on whether they try and speed the healing process. The first point to note is that you should never take part in any activities that you are advised against as this is highly likely to inhibit the healing process.

Talk to a Doctor

One of the first things you should have done before your operation is to have asked questions about the general tummy tuck recover period. By doing this, you will not be surprised by the length of the time recovery takes, how weak you may feel and the activities that you should not participate in. Another way to get a good idea of what to expect and to ask questions is to find online forums and blogs about plastic surgery and in particular, abdominoplasty. However, be warned, there will be some stories you would prefer not to read! If these put you off, then a non surgical tummy tuck may be your best way forward for now.

Follow your surgeon’s advice on the length of time you need to rest, do not strain yourself, lift or take part in any form of exercise without following their guidelines. If you have had your operation privately and do not follow the guidelines and then have problems, you may incur extra costs to have things put right.

The potential issues that you should be aware of include, scaring, excessive blood loss and infection. If there is an infection you will notice the area around the wound is hotter than normal, will be red and probably have more than normal swelling and/or drainage from the wound area. You should expect some pain for a few weeks, but if this is severe or lasts longer than you were advised or is sudden, then seek medical help as soon as possible.

Although it is now normal to be fitted with compression stockings to help avoid blood clots, if you are able to and when advised, try and get up and walk around a little every hour or two unless it causes you too much discomfort. When you are lying down, try and bend your knees at an angle to avoid straining the wound area.

What to Expect

You can expect your surgeon to advise you to avoid exercise for 4-8 weeks and even then, there are certain exercises you should avoid. They are also likely to tell you to eat a healthy diet and take vitamin supplements to help you heal. To be honest, just use your common sense and go with your instincts most of the time. Your body will soon shout at you if you do too much and you should never force yourself.

If you are a parent of young children you will require help for some time with bathing and playing. As hard as it may be, you should also avoid lifting them at all costs. Even cuddling can be an issue. Try placing a cushion across your tummy and have them snuggle up to your side rather than straight across you explaining that mummy has a poorly tummy. They may forget at times, but generally, even small children can be considerate and caring!

You should always remember that a tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck is an invasive procedure that carries the usual risks of any operation. Having confidence in your surgeon is imperative, so always do your research properly and ask questions. If you are not happy with the answers, go elsewhere and don’t be swayed by a professional sounding sales pitch with false promises if these cannot be backed up with hard evidence.

Having a tummy tuck or even a mini tuck may give you the looks you want, but it doesn’t come without cost. Be aware of what you are getting in to and the tummy tuck recovery period. Within reason, don’t let cost dictate your choice of surgeon, do your research properly as you don’t want an amateur messing things up. Allows choose someone who specialises in abdominoplasties as they will have the best knowledge and advice.