liposuctionWhile Liposuction to remove fat from the tummy area involves major abdominal surgery, it is possible to have liposuction without surgery. The procedure uses non-invasive ultrasound technology to attack the fat deposits and to sculpt areas of the body.

Of note is that ultrasound technology is not suitable for all areas of the body, so make sure you get the appropriate advice before signing up and parting company with your cash.

Not everyone is suited to this type of procedure. For example, your BMI should be no more than 30, so if you are trying to get rid of a lot of fat, then liposuction without surgery may not be suitable. Certain medical conditions will also exclude you from having this type of treatment. These include liver, kidney, gall stone and pancreatic problems. If you have any devices implanted into the body (e.g. pacemaker), are pregnant, have high cholesterol, epilepsy, cancer or an autoimmune or systemic disease you will also be excluded. If your digestion is abnormal and you do not normally eat a healthy diet and take exercise this to may exclude you. This list is not exhaustive, so always check with your doctor first. To be honest, you need to be healthy and fit to undertake this type of treatment so it certainly is not a “quick fix” if you are overweight. It is best suited for those who have stubborn areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. For example, upper arms, thighs an small tummy areas.

There are various ultrasonic treatments around that tout the heading “liposuction without surgery” but how does it work? Put very basically, a device is passed over the target area that melts the fat with lasers. There may or may not then be light electrical impulse treatments to help remove the fatty deposits more quickly. The fat is then absorbed into the body, metabolised and dealt with by the liver and dispersed via normal bodily channels.

Some of the liposuction without surgery treatments for lipo sculpting include UltraShape, Lipo-Ease, CaviStar, UltraContour, Liposonix and Zerona Laser. Clinical trials have suggested that there are no reasons for concern internally and around 1.5% of clients may have small marks on their skin that go quite quickly. The treatment is said to be going to revolutionise weight loss surgery. We have no personal experience of either, so suggest you do your own research carefully and look for client reviews.

Claims made by some are that you will see immediate results and even the first treatment is equal to doing around one thousand push ups! A full course of treatment is likely to see you lose between eight and twelve pounds. The treatment is painless but you do need to be eating a healthy diet before you start. In the UK the costs are around £150 for a single treatment and between £300 and £1000 for a series depending on the weight loss required. In the USA you are looking at $400 to $1000 per treatment.