fat removalIf you are having trouble getting rid of some areas on your body that refuse to respond to diet and exercise, then laser fat removal may be the way forward. Keeping toned is far more difficult as we age or if you have lost considerable amounts of weight rapidly.

Laser liposuction differs from traditional lipo in that there is less force required to remove the fat cells. This is because the laser heats and melts the cells and thus requires a much smaller suction tube than with standard lipo. Therefore, the incision required to remove the fat cells is also much smaller and therefore heals a lot faster. However, there are some procedures that require no incisions at all.

Laser fat removal is a very good alternative if you are looking for a non surgical tummy tuck to avoid the expense, the pain, the large scars and the recovery period as it is only minimally invasive. On the down side, if you have a lot of fat to get rid of, it could take some time, several sessions and therefore cost more. You may also find that you need regular top-ups to maintain tone.

The process can show rapid results in your skin and amount of fat, usually after a couple of weeks.  There are several different types of laser fat removal, including Zerona, Body Thermage, Smooth Lipo, Smart Lipo, Cool Lipo, Cold Laser fat removal and Accent Laser Treatment.

Turning to some of the different types of laser fat removal….

Thermage Fat Removal

Thermage laser fat removal stimulates collagen growth through the use of Capacitive Radio Frequency technology. The length of time your treatment will take depends on the area involved and may take between 20 and 120 minutes. However, you will noticed an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture although the final results may not be visible for a few months as the collagen takes time to grow.
The good news is that this process is completely non surgical and you may not even need any pain killers. The treatment produces sensation of heat as the energy is pulsed to the area, check to see whether your practioner has one of the newer machines that includes a cooling pulse as well, these machines are referred to as Thermage CPT. You may experience some bruising to the treated area but this should not affect your ability to go about your normal daily routine.

Less than five per cent of clients have any side effects from Thermage treatment, but even so, do your research to find someone with solid references. The cost will vary depending on where you live, the practioner and the amount of work that you require. You can expect to pay at least $1000 dollars but this may be as much as $5000 or even more.

Zerona Fat Removal

Zerona laser fat removal uses the FDA approved Erchonia LipoLaser and is non-invasive. It works by opening a pore within the fat cell wall and this fat is then released into the body for removal by the body’s natural systems. The treatment involves at least six treatments over two weeks and each treatment lasts about forty minutes. Negative effects are rare for this treatment, but do check for yourself.

If you don’t want the cost, inconvenience, pain and scaring of surgery, then laser fat removal could be for you. Also, no one will know what you have done and you can take the credit for all the ‘exercise’ you have been doing! If you think that this type of fat removal is the only way to lose weight, then know that it isn’t! If you return to eating badly and not exercising at all, then the fat will just come back. Make a commitment to eat and live in the best way you can, get a gym buddy or someone who will support you and put you off that chocolate cake you think you want!

Laser fat removal has become very popular and can return your self esteem quickly and easily. However, it may not be the ultimate answer to all your problems and you will need to either have return sessions or at least get some exercise and eat better.