rhinoplastyThere are a number of reasons why you may consider investing in rhinoplasty. Whether you believe it will enhance your appearance and confidence or your doctor believes that it will improve your breathing, this common form of plastic surgery offers patients a range of advantages from aesthetic to medical. Rhinoplasty is a surgery to reshape the contour of the nose. This procedure is one of the most common of all plastic surgeries. Rhinoplasty can increase, decrease, narrow or widen the nose. This procedure often enhances one’s appearance.

Nose Job Surgery

Has there always been something about your nose that you just didn’t like? Maybe the bridge of your nose has a slight bump, or you have widely set nostrils. While the uniqueness of your features adds to your beauty, you may choose to alter this prominent part of your face. At Elite Plastic Surgery Group, we are committed to providing our patients in Europe and Russia with nose jobs specifically designed to produce the look that they want and create cohesive facial features. Generally, depending upon the complication level takes about 2 hours. This surgery is done as an outpatient surgery, however the patient will need transportation following the procedure for transportation home. Nasal packs or splints will be placed in the nostrils to stabilize the septum.

When we perform your nose job in McLean, we are able to do any of the following for your nose:

  • Reduce Size
  • Increase Size
  • Modify Shape of Nostrils
  • Refine Shape of Nose
  • Alter Slope
  • Alter Angle
  • Remove Bump

Experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Russia and Europe

Our leading rhinoplasty surgeon has over 25 years of experience in providing patients with personal and professional care. His unparalleled use of surgical techniques and his eye for aesthetic precision allow him to enhance your appearance in the areas you want, as well as ensure that your improved nose will look completely natural. Other area doctors even recommend his expertise for difficult issues, such as:

  • Injury
  • Breathing Problems
  • Secondary Rhinoplasty
  • Eliminate Hook

Post Surgery & Recovery

Following the surgery one can expect to have moderate pain for about 48 hours. One may experience a headache and some swelling or bruising on your face. Pain medication will be prescribed as needed. Expect to elevate your head for the first 2 to 3 days to reduce swelling and bleeding. Make sure to follow all of your surgeon’s orders.

Discomfort following nose job surgery is to be expected and is considered completely normal. This feeling can be alleviated with the help of medicine prescribed prior to the operation and application of a cold compress. While you must hold off on participating in strenuous activities for several weeks, you can return to work within a week or two.