eyelid surgeryThose considering plastic surgery options are often looking for something to make them feel rejuvenated and boost self-confidence as well as overall morale. One such procedure is eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty. This procedure removes excess tissue from both the upper and/or lower eyelids, smoothing and refining the remaining skin around the eyes.

Beauty is a gift of nature. Despite the obvious viability of this tenet, an increased number of women today are opting for numerous cosmetic surgeries that result in enhanced beauty. The recent surge in technological developments and progress in the field of medicine has made it possible to ameliorate the appearance of something as inconspicuous as the eyelids. Surgical correction of the eyelids is known as Blepharoplasty, in medical jargon.

 Are you a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

We see many patients in our office who are interested in the results this surgery can offer. If you’re considering the procedure, consider a couple of important factors. Do you feel that your eyes are excessively puffy or tired looking? Are you in good overall health?  If these characteristics fit you, you might be a candidate for eyelid surgery.

For those who experience “bags under the eyes,” but have no significant wrinkling, a different approach can be taken.  The “transconjunctival” approach allows the doctor to remove the excess fat or excess skin that causes the baggy appearance with no external incisions.


Procedure Expectations

It’s important to go into every possible procedure with a background of what to expect, so that both the doctor and patient are most comfortable and satisfied.  At EPSG practice, we feel this is a vital piece of information throughout the process.

Each patient will receive a full examination of all aspects of his or her eyelids and detailed instructions on surgery preparation. Some of these instructions are likely to include an eye exam, lab testing and refraining from smoking.  After the surgery, each patient will again be given specific instructions for care and follow-up which will include dressings, lubrication on the eyes and cold compresses. It’s important to note that during the recovery process, you must be diligent to protect your eyes from the sun by using darkly tinted sunglasses until the healing process is fully complete.

Through eyelid surgery, various flaws in the eye can be treated. Eyelid surgery can be resorted to if an individual wishes to eliminate any puffiness or droopiness of the lower or upper eyelid. Eyelid surgery also helps in smoothening of wrinkles for a younger – looking and supple skin.

Cosmetic surgeons all over the world have been lauded for providing top – notch services which implement avant-garde technology that is cost – effective. Due to its affordability, a large number of women have resorted to eyelid surgery, for a rejuvenated appearance. What makes it even more appealing, is the fact that the results of eyelid surgeries are long – lasting and that the surgery does not in impede the natural aging process.

There are many different options for plastic surgery in Europe, and many patients find that Blepharoplasty fits their personal goals, especially since it gives our patients a rested, youthful appearance.