A belt lipectomy is the technical term for a body lift, a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes undesirably saggy body contours. A body lift is ideal for healthy patients who have excess skin and tissue that have lost elasticity, contributing to a body contour that is unappealing. Typical causes include aging, pregnancy, and dramatic weight loss. This cosmetic surgical procedure can help you achieve an improved body contour and more youthful appearance.

Body Lift

Areas that may be treated with a body lift include the lower torso and upper legs including the abdomen, waist, inner/outer thighs, buttocks, and/or hips. Excess fat that may be required for removal can be targeted by liposuction.

General Body Lift Surgery

The exact techniques and methods applied during your body lift surgery depend on your body, your expectations, and what you’d like to achieve. The procedure may take anywhere form 3 to 7 hours.

Generally, however, you can expect to be placed under general anesthesia. Incisions will be made in the mid-body, for example, the upper thighs and torso. The more correction, the more extensive the incisions.  The incisions allow for excess skin and tissue to be removed, and liposuction may be used to remove unwanted fat deposits. Finally, the remaining skin is sutured together.

What Body Contouring can do for you

Body COntouringWhile you may have effectively lost the weight that has been holding you back for years, there’s a likelihood that you’re still not pleased with the way your body looks. At Elite Plastic Surgery Group, we understand that simply losing weight doesn’t fix all of your problems.

This is why we offer body contouring. In our clinics, we work with patients to develop personalized procedures that directly target the areas that are the source of dissatisfaction. This may mean tightening loosened skin caused by a pregnancy or removing stubborn fat deposits that no amount of exercise can diminish.

When people undergo massive weight loss, alongwith the light feel of their newly shaped body , they also need to put up with heavy flaps of skin hanging from the various body parts. The floppy skin of the lower abdomen will run down covering the groin and the pubic area, causing great difficulties. The skin which covered the extended body area before weight loss has been shrunk to a lesser area. The skin loses elasticity and will tend to sag down. Men losing weight on the upper torso and chest region will develop sagging breast muscles. Also in many people extra skin hangs down from upper arm making it a tiresome process to force their skin into the sleeve of their shirt. Body contouring surgeries performed area-wise by surgeons gives the best result for such problems.

Recovery Following a Body Lift

A complete list of post-operative instructions will be given to you. Follow them closely to help your body recovery quickly and properly. You’ll most likely require plenty of rest and limit your movement. Dressings, applied immediately following surgery, will help the recovery process. Tubes may be placed in specific areas to help drain away excess fluids. Any discomfort experienced following surgery can be minimized with prescribed oral medication. Complications are rare, and can be minimized by following post-operative care instructions carefully.