surgery reviewPlastic surgery doesn’t have anything to do with plastic – synthetic polymer material, as commonly thought. This word has Greek roots and means “to shape”. There are two types of plastic surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic. The first one was known many centuries ago. History experts think that surgeons of ancient India performed such facial plastic surgery procedures as otoplasty (ear plastic surgery) and rhinoplasty (operations on nose). Reconstructive plastic surgery serves to correct birth defects, such as cleft palate, and to treat trauma after-effects. Cosmetic plastic surgery is made for aesthetic reasons. The most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures include breast surgery, abdominoplasty, hair transplantation, and facelift and buttock augmentation.

More and more people are now open to the idea of getting plastic surgery done compared to a decade ago. Some psychologists believe that plastic surgery has a favorable effect on human mind; others claim that those, who are voluntarily exposed to scalpel action, have serious psychological problems. Anyway the popularity of plastic surgery is growing day by day, and maybe very soon there won’t be any really ugly person left.

The innovative plastic surgery techniques and methods include incision, chemosurgery, laser surgery, dermabraison, electrosurgery, excision and liposuction. Due to plastic surgery developments liposuction is practiced in such difficult areas as eyelids.

It is almost impossible to choose a good plastic surgery specialist in today’s variety. Most of them have attractive advertising, but only a handle can offer really high quality of treatment. Certainly any passer-by is unlikely to successfully perform difficult procedures; however, there are still enough dilettantes in this field. The first criteria are whether the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and has hospitable privilege. As during the operation large areas of skin are replaced, all plastic surgeons are also skin specialists.

Becoming a part of popular culture, plastic surgery is mentioned in present-day books and movies. Thus the cynical protagonists of “Fight Club” used human fat for soap-boiling and sold it to liposuction rich people. According to “Men in Black” liposuction is an alien technology adapted by the terrestrial. That means that plastic surgery has spread far beyond the limits of our planet and people pursuing some aesthetic procedures do it not for banal personal reasons, but they are just trying to keep up to date.

But Are There Alternatives or How Weight Loss Pills Can Help You

We have to give it to it – plastic surgery is indeed a pretty precise and relatively fast way to change (in ninety nine percent of cases it is to improve) your physical appearance. Whether it is better or not it is more of an individual matter, and some people just find everything they look for in it, while others either do not qualify for the surgery for whatever reasons or do not get that wonderful, hundred-times-improved life they expected. But, what weight loss pills can do for a person is boost the person’s inner change and help get going with all the athletic activities and yummiest intake reducing. If diet pills are taken properly, it is a safer and a cheaper than going under the knife method, which also provide longer lasting results.

The main difference between these two methods is that with the surgical solution people rarely abandon their “good old” ways, while those people who opt for various weight loss medications are more inclined to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Why? No diet pill would work on its own, this is just a simple truth, but such pills do show great results when combined with physical activities, which they supply extra energy for, and dieting, which they also support by suppressing appetite. Statistics shows, that people who began weight management plan and started seeing good results are likely to stick to being active, making healthier food choices and even engage in many social events they previously avoided, which in return speeds up the further weight loss.