As new and innovative solutions to fighting fat emerge, patients have more choices than ever when it comes to resculpting problem body areas. Love handles, excess stomach fat and even unsightly fat buildup in the thighs can now be tamed in short, painless office sessions thanks to a technique called coolsculpting. This advanced, efficient option is now offered by our plastic surgery office in Moscow, and we’re proud to be one of only a handful of practices nationwide with the coolsculpting technology.

How it Works

LiposuctionUnlike more invasive methods like surgery, liposuction or even lasers that can damage skin and surrounding tissue, this technique leaves the skin unharmed throughout treatment. The targeting cooling power of specialized equipment affects only fat cells, ensuring the best results. Once cooled, the crystallized fat cells dissolve and are eliminated naturally, leaving a sleeker, slimmer you in their absence. The sculpting tool itself can be used directly on the areas that need the most attention, customizing the treatment for each patient’s individual concerns.

An Excellent Choice

The Coolsculpting method is a non-invasive treatment, making it a great choice for those that want plastic surgery results without a long recovery period. You do not need to be sedated or asleep for the procedure, and in fact will only need about an hour in our Monmouth County practice for each session. Come visit us while you’re on a lunch break, or while the kids are at school – you won’t need to take downtime to recover, and you’ll be putting big changes in motion with only a small time investment. Users agree: these results are very real and very visible; many have already turned to the technique as a quick solution to get for all shapes and sizes when beach season comes around.

It Really Is That Simple

It may sound futuristic, but coolsculpting is here today and ready to unlock the inner beauty of New Jersey patients. Hour-long appointments, a painless procedure and wow- worthy results are all waiting for you at our NJ practice. Why live with fat, visible cellulite or a body that makes you feel less attractive when you can just cool it away? The answer is simple, the science is backed by Harvard research, and the procedure may be cool but you’ll definitely feel hot once you see the results of Coolsculpting. Give us a call now and find out what the Coolsculpting technique can do for you.