bad plastic surgeryDespite all the plastic surgery developments and unique methods there are still a considerable number of cases when a procedure results in defects instead of improvement. Being operated by an inexperienced surgeon, a patient can be exposed to different unexpected complications like scars that don’t fade, nerve damage or chronic pains. A times bad plastic surgery may be corrected by a proper hairstyle (as ironical as it may seem, but it’s true! By the way, for proper hair styles visit this hair styles guide). But sometimes the effect of operation can be quite awful and even leads to death. That is why choosing a proper plastic surgery specialist is a very important process which requires much time and care.

How to Choose Right Surgeon

How to find a convenient doctor, who will not spoil patient’s appearance, but is able to improve it? First one has to collect as much information about the operation as possible. Having known everything about future procedures one can start choosing a doctor. Sometimes the family doctor can help to find a professional plastic surgery specialist. Another way is to ask a friend who has undergone a similar procedure or to discuss the topic in a thematic forum. If there is a well-known hospital with good reputation, a person can choose a plastic surgeon among its staff. Besides that there are many books and brochures concerning medical specialists, like “The Directory of Medical Experts” or “The American Medical Association”.

After having found a plastic surgery specialist a person should ask him/her about the American Board of Plastic Surgery certificate. If the answer is negative, nobody can guarantee the quality of service. Next question should concern the surgery’s hospitable privilege which is granted after a proper evaluation of the surgeon’s competency and training. If the surgeon has some certificates, they should be shown. The place is also important. The using of up-to-date techniques and experienced staff influence the result of the operation almost as well as the surgeon. Then the plastic surgery specialist should describe the operation itself and tell what the time of recovery is. A professional surgeon has to mention probable risks and to explain how they can be handled. Finally a person should ask about plastic surgery cost. Before making a decision it is reasonable to visit more than one plastic surgery specialist in order to compare their services.